How do I get a quote?

Simple, in just a few clicks you'll get your quote, including shipping and VAT. From the Homepage you can click on PRODUCTS or ACCESSORIES enter the requested data and you will get the estimate immediately.


How can I take the correct measures?

The dimensions shown on our site are the maximum dimensions of the products. Therefore you must verify that the structure you intend to purchase is in your garden, terrace or space taken into consideration.


What material is the cover fabric?

The shell fabric is a Tempotest Parà, dyed acrylic, very durable and durable for the exterior. The quality of the mass-dyed fiber and the innovative Teflon Extreme by Parà finishing make the fabrics hydro and oil-repellent, rot-proof, resistant to the formation of fungus and mold, to stains, saltiness and fading due to the action of UV rays . While in the models with shading cloth we use micro-perforated PVC with high mechanical resistance.


What material is the fabric of the side curtains?

The fabric of the roll-up side curtains is a Tempotest Parà solution-dyed acrylic, the same as the covers. For classic side curtains a soft and resistant fabric is used for all Parà.


Do the prices seem a bit high compared to the products sold in shopping centers?

The quality, both of the structure, completely in aluminum and not in iron sheet, the fabrics we use as well as the fastening systems we use in producing our gazebos, pergolas and day-beds have nothing to do with the products sell in shopping malls, DIY or some websites. Our facilities are the result of a study that has been going on for decades and the materials are highly professional. Indeed the prices that we offer from direct producers and not from retailers or importers are very competitive considering the high quality. Similar products on the classic purchasing channels, specialty stores and retailers have much higher prices.


What are the delivery times and costs?

Our roller structures are made at the customer's request. Production generally takes about 10/15 working days. Once produced and tested, the products are diligently packed, well protected by boxes largely sized with highly recyclable materials and are shipped via the best international carriers within 3/4 days. Shipping costs include handling and packaging costs as well as shipping costs.


Does the production time seem high to me?

All our roller blinds are made to measure on customer request, given the great demand, the production time is increased. Furthermore, to take care of the quality of the products, all the tents we prepare and test so that there are no defects and are fully satisfactory for our customers.


Are your facilities easy to assemble?

The assembly of our products is easy, also because they come from you pre-assembled. Obviously a bit of manual skill and patience is required. Generally 2-3 people manage to set up a structure in less than an hour. Our operators need 25 to 45 minutes depending on the characteristics of the models. Look at our assembly guides and you will realize that you too can do it without too much effort.


Are the mounting screws supplied?

Yes, all the assembly screws are provided. Screws / plugs are not provided for the ground connection, given their variability. Those will be chosen by you based on your terrain.


What payment methods are accepted?

All our payments are made through the secure and secure Paypal system. Payments can be made safely with all credit cards even if you do not have a PayPal account. Our company will not see, will record any details of your transaction, Everything is encrypted, secure and protected by PayPal, a security in online payments.

Alternatively you can also pay by bank transfer.


May I request an invoice?

Yes, if you are subject to VAT, you can request an invoice when entering the data, enter the company details and the VAT number.


Do you ship outside the Italian territory?

If requested we can ship outside Italy. The shipping cost will be defined based on the destinations.


If the package arrives damaged what should be done?

Attention: At the time of collection from the Courier, please check that the packaging is intact, not damaged, neither wet nor altered, even in the closing materials (adhesive tape or metal fasteners). If it is damaged in any way, notify the courier of the fact by putting the wording "subject to withdrawal" on the accompanying document. Furthermore this must be immediately reported by phone or e-mail sending the photo of the damaged package.


Can I send the package to a different address than mine?

Certainly, when entering data and address click on the wording "Please use another address for the invoice"